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One of our founders - Elad Gross - is a constitutional and civil right attorney, and he has been defending public access to public records in Missouri courts since 2018. 


In 2018, as part of his investigation into political donors using fake charities to conceal their identities (in what are termed "dark money" schemes), Elad requested records from the government using the state's Sunshine Law. The government refused to be transparent, and Elad took the Office of the Governor to court.


Along the way, he has been opposed by Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, United States Senator Josh Hawley, former Governor Eric Greitens, current Governor Mike Parson, current Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams, and several others trying to keep these public records hidden from the public.

On February 3 at 9:00 AM, Elad will be arguing the case Elad Gross v. Michael Parson, et al., at Missouri's Supreme Court.

Elad took on this investigation prior to starting Take Back Missouri, but it is an example of how We the People can fight to hold our government accountable.

Legal Action

In addition to this case, Elad worked with the Sunshine and Government Accountability Project to seek records from the Missouri Veterans Commission after the chairman refused to release a report regarding the COVID-19 outbreak in Missouri's Veterans Homes. Under pressure, the chairman released the report and resigned. The report detailed how the state failed to protect its veterans.

Elad argued Elad Gross v. Michael Parson, et al. in Missouri's Supreme Court to protect public access to public records

Oral Argument - Elad Gross vs. Governor Michael Parson, et al.
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We threatened legal action to expose poor treatment of Missouri's veterans during the COVID-19 outbreak

Dark money consists of secretive campaign contributions designed to hide the identities of political donors. Without transparency, there can be no accountability. Our government is being sold to the highest bidder. Not only are we exposing dark money's influence in America, we're fighting back.

See our reports and proposed solutions from our special project: No MO Dark Money.

We exposed the influence of hidden dark money operations in Missouri and other state governments

Sunshine Case
Dark Money
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