Our government is bought.

We the People need to take it back.

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We're helping active Missourians have a voice in our government

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We're holding the corrupt accountable for stealing our democracy

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We're bringing new people into the process as engaged citizens

Do you or your group need help taking on an issue in your community?

Take Back Missouri is a community effort to find local solutions to local issues, hold the powerful accountable, and engage more Missourians in our government than ever before.


We have three main focus areas:



Strengthening our foundation

We work with currently-existing organizations to improve the services they provide to our state. This includes helping with and training in:

  • Outreach

  • Fundraising

  • Organizing

  • Education

We help organizations and individuals committed to ending corruption in government and providing true service to Missouri. We put a special focus on those seeking to stand with communities that far too often are ignored in Missouri, especially in urban and rural areas.

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Standing for our values

We cannot sit back and allow powerful interests to exploit our state. We have to fight to Take Back Missouri for We the People.

We serve as an honest, measured, strong voice to defend Missouri from the concentrated, out-of-state interests that extract our talent and resources for their own gain. We fight disinformation, expose the corruption that has seized our government, and bring Missouri together under a unifying message that centers fairness, freedom, dignity, and opportunity.

Direct actions, educational programs, press events, op-ed campaigns, postcards, legal action, creative organizing, helping our fellow Missourians - we're here to make a stand because Missouri is worth the fight.



Adding your voice

We need to engage Missourians of all backgrounds and levels of political involvement.

Politics isn't the entry point into civic participation for everyone, and it doesn't need to be. There are so many Missourians working hard to make their communities better, and we're here to help.


Your Team



We believe that the only way our political system can regain the trust of Americans is through transparency and accountability. We do not accept anonymous donations (called "dark money" in the political world), and we make all of our expenses public so you can see where your donations go.

Our top areas for fundraising are hiring Missourians, assisting communities addressing local issues, helping candidates in often-ignored areas get up and running, and engaging new voters.

We also believe in the dignity of work, and we are committed to enforcing workplace protections and paying our staff living wages.

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Contact Us

 From saving the local animal shelter to organizing scholarship programs to running voter registration drives, we make sure that all Missourians have a voice in our government, and we build connections to each other that strengthen the work we all do.  

We have a place for those who are not involved at all too. Several programs focused on providing fun, community events around the country are showing dramatically increased civic engagement. We will host similar events in Missouri and have a presence at those already happening. Think festivals, concerts, and food trucks.


We offer:

  • Centralized organizing assistance for community members needing help addressing local issues

  • Voter registration

  • Connections between community members and existing organizations that fit their passions

  • A network of Missourians who can learn from each others' experiences

  • Fun events that people want to attend

 As Missourians move up the ramp of civic engagement, they will take on important local issues, develop strong local networks, and potentially become excellent candidates for public office who can lead our state past our corrupt, partisan failures.

We need leaders who are here for us. That's why we're here for you.


Have general questions?

Email: Elad@TakeBackMO.org

Text/Call: 314-753-9033

Our team is full of Missourians here to help you serve in our state.


Hover over our team members to see their specialties and to learn more.

We are always looking for more team members and volunteers. The time commitment is very flexible, and you'll have the opportunity to help Missourians working on important local projects.

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