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Take Back Missouri is a Missouri-led effort to return power to We the People. There are so many ways to get involved, from helping lead local projects, mentoring first-time candidates, and ensuring this project is sustainable. We also want your input, so let us know how you would like to help!

We need you in the fight to take back Missouri.

Find Your Elected Officials

Want to tell your legislators how you feel about their bills? 

Call and email them.

When you call, you're likely to reach a staff member. Tell them your name and where you live, and give them a return number for them to call. Succinctly tell them why you're calling. If you're commenting on a bill, let them know which one and explain whether you support or oppose it and briefly why. If the staff member wants to have a conversation, go for it!

Every day during session, we're putting up a list of Missouri bills open to public comment. You can find that list daily on Facebook and Twitter.

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